Kendall Whittier Incorporated is a home-grown organization incorporating self-sufficiency
for our neighbors through food security, nutritional health, and well-being.


Kendall Whittier, Inc.’s board of directors is comprised of representatives from each of our five component organizations along with Tulsa area residents who have an interest in the well-being of the Kendall Whittier Neighborhood. Meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the second Thursday of every other month. Individuals interested in serving on our board of directors should contact Executive Director Lori Decter Wright for more information.

Saletha Fuller
Representative, University United Methodist


Gini Fox
Vice President
Representative, College Hill Presbyterian


Terry Baxter
Representative, College Hill Presbyterian


Ashley Bath
Community Representative


Machelle Miller Dill
Representative, University of Tulsa


Robert Founds
Community Representative


Carroll Jones
Community Representative

Jean Madere
Representative, University United Methodist

Isaac Sheets

Community Representative